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IADS Press Release: The IADS teams up with The Style Pulse (Lambert+Associates)

press December 2022 Press release

To provide its department store members a leading edge in brand discovery and curation, the IADS signs a strategic partnership with The Style Pulse, a B2B platform operated by Lambert+Associates.

The IADS regularly takes stock of retail trends through a series of product category workshops organised with its members’ buying teams. To further support department stores in their offer curation, a strategic partnership has been established with The Style Pulse, providing IADS members exclusive access to the best independent labels, and confirming the unique status of the IADS in the world of retail associations.

Initiated in 2020, the transformative upgrade of the IADS is now taking a new dimension through the partnership signed with Lambert+Associates and their digital venture, The Style Pulse, to provide department store members with a competitive advantage in terms of brand sourcing and merchandising insights.

Department stores’ ability to identify emerging labels is more crucial now than ever to better serve information-rich customers who are hungry for the latest trends and are able to scout every sales channel. The Style Pulse, with its international reach, expert team, and close relationship with brands, is the perfect hub to provide IADS members with a rich, efficient and time-saving solution to help them focus on curation and uniqueness. The six categories covered by The Style Pulse (Women Fashion, Accessories, Men Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and soon Kids) represent the core department store businesses and the information provided will prove invaluable to the category buyers, enabling them to closely follow the trends.

In addition to granting access to the “Style Pulse Pro” exclusive features to IADS members, both IADS and The Style Pulse teams will be working together to provide department store members exclusive made-to-measure support, answering a growing need. Since November 2020, IADS members can ask operational questions to the Association, and as a result brand-related requests represented 25% of the IADS activity in 2022, up from 12% in 2021.

The Style Pulse partnership comes as the latest element completing a one-of-a-kind palette of services that makes the IADS truly stand apart in the world of global retail associations.

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