The IADS Academy is an Association initiative started 25 years ago to develop young talented executives into future leaders, by giving them exposure to international markets, state of the art working method and a long-term network. They work in small groups for several months on an issue raised by CEOs and fed via IADS’ team market knowledge with the latest business and industry trends. This initiative, unique in the industry, allows them to provide concrete and actionable answers, presented and discussed directly with the IADS members CEOs.
Among current members, 3 CEOs and 1 COO are Academy Alumni. Over the 25 years of existence, 28 companies have participated, from 21 countries, and trained 180+ high potentials.


Class of 2020

For the 2020 class, with such an exceptional context, the IADS Academy participants were asked to collect, on a 360° basis, all actions led by their respective companies to address the lockdown and pandemic management problems. The goal? Have a global understanding of the undertaken actions, a review of members’ best practices, and a compilation of all lessons learnt, to allow participants to answer a seemingly simple question: “Global pandemic, local department stores: six months in, what now?”

With the constantly moving context and situation remaining unclear, learnings from Academy participants will be extremely valuable for the members in order to be prepared. In addition, the IADS will issue a White Paper on the topic to be shared with the industry, as, to quote our President Mr. Juan Carlos Escribano, “we believe in acting together”.

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