Our activities

The IADS provides value to its members through various activities.

We are an international network linking members from around the world allowing for exchange and communication through various meetings and programs: CEO exchanges, senior level meetings and international network exchange opportunities. 

In terms of market knowledge and expertise to provide actionable insights we: 

  •  Offer exclusive resources through innovative partnerships to access tools and platforms. 
  •  Provide access to the latest news, reports and articles. 
  •  Conduct research through IADS generated reports, Sales Index monitoring, financial reports monitor, one annual white paper, newsletters and IADS exclusive articles.

To address member’s needs, IADS processes requests on a one-to-one basis, and provides visibility and structure through social media, press coverage, and conferences to promote and reinforce our members’ initiatives.

To promote future orientation, IADS offers perspective through the IADS Academy programme, pulling together high-potential employees from member organisations to answer a topic designated by member CEOs each year.

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