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The IADS fosters retail management experience sharing at the highest level by a series of various practices that have been perfectioned over the years.

We believe in the transformative power of meetings, this is why we have developed 3 different approaches, or series of meetings:

  • CEO meetings: on a regular basis, we promote a top-level exchange between CEOs, to favour new ideas dissemination and sharing. Outside speakers are invited to give more insight on a particular focus or point of interest
  • Senior level meetings (“cross-functional meetings”): IADS gathers a tailor-made selection of C-level executives in order to answer collectively to precise research themes and questions asked by CEOs on an annual basis
  • Merchandising meetings: share trends, new practices, discuss customer behaviour changes

100% of these meetings are systematically carried on a physical and a virtual basis, to ensure 100% of members get insights, while also favouring local networking.


In terms of market knowledge, we act at 3 levels: 

  • Research on specific themes, leading to the release of exclusive operational or theoretical articles available only to IADS members
  • Information and news about department stores dissemination through a state of the art news coverage. A members-only dedicated web platform  allows on a 24/7 basis access to meetings information, stores and market news, as well as our exclusive analysis
  • A statistical exchange allows to understand trends on a numerical basis, completed by surveys on specific issues on members request

Finally, we also help our members to prepare the future, through the IADS Academy, a tailor-made, members-only one-year workshop. With this activity, members develop their talents by training them into answering a specific annual question or research theme asked by CEOs directly.

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