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In addition to having surveyed markets evolution since its creation, the Association boasts a 30 years old tradition on statistical exchange, with only 4 years interruption during this period, and our Academy was founded 25 years ago and trained 180+ executives over the period, some of which reached top positions among IADS members and non-members today (3 CEOs and 1 COO in 2020). Over the 25 years of existence, 28 companies have participated, from 21 countries.

IADS intervenes both virtually and face to face, to be fully adapted to modern businesses’ constraints. We use all available technology to diffuse the maximum of useful information possible via our website, newsletter and social media, and we propose 100% of our activities online, to make sure even our distant members can access everything and maximize the value of the Association.

All of this is allowed thanks to a dedicated team of specialists, focused on our members’ needs and able to answer any questions and requests they might have during the course of a year.

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