Our expertise

The IADS is the only expert body on the department store retail format due to its close working relationships with member organisations and its constant monitoring of trends and changes in the industry. 

We learn with our members and ensure that those learnings are translated into practical and actionable insights for our international network, making IADS the only global think tank on department stores in the world.

The Association closely follows relevant industry trends and changes to produce data and content (white papers, monitors, exclusive articles…) which allows us to be constantly aware of what is happening in the industry to best inform and advise our members.

Further, IADS’ Academy was founded 28 years ago and has trained 180+ executives over the period, some of whom have reached top positions among IADS members and non-members to this day (3 CEOs and 1 COO in 2020). Over the 28 years of existence, 28 companies have participated, from 21 countries.

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