IADS Exclusive: Boyner, the “multi-brand lifestyle company”

IADS Exclusive October 2022 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS travelled to Turkey (now known as Türkiye) last June to meet with Cem Boyner, the CEO of Boyner Grup, a former IADS member, to get an update on his latest initiatives following the Covid-19 pandemic. Located between Asia and the West, often tarnished with its international policy decisions (to the shame of Turkish businessmen), and riddled with inflation (estimated at 78,35% for 2022, a 24-year high), it is easy to overlook the country and consider it done.

In reality, the retail market is buoyant, and many innovations are taking place, which made the trip all the more interesting as many of these innovations could be interesting for IADS members to look at. We review below our store visit, as well as the insights collected during the meeting with Hopi, Boyner Grup’s data venture.

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