IADS Exclusive - Stockmann: from near-bankruptcy to reconnecting with innovation and profits

IADS Exclusive June 2022 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS had the occasion to travel to Finland, Sweden and Norway to visit Stockmann, NK and Steen & Strom respectively. All those three venerable companies, true institutions in their countries, have started a transformational post-pandemic journey in order to become destinations again in their respective cities. 

At a moment when tourism is starting again and the three countries seem relatively immune to the difficulties created by the war in Ukraine, we review where they stand, their innovations worth noting and why their transformation is far more than just a revamp or a digital reset: for at least two of the three companies, they are challenging their own business model to the point of admittedly literally learning a new job. 

Let’s embark north of the 60th parallel to see what is going on! 

This first part is dedicated to Stockmann in Finland.


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