Holger Blecker interviewed in German press

news March 2021 Merkur (German)

What: Breuninger CEO calls for store reopening

Why is it important: the interview follows nationwide lawsuits submitting urgent requests for reopening

Holger Blecker has received great support from the industry and far beyond. Since 16 December 2020, the lockdown measures have greatly deprived the retail sector, so the industry urgently needs an opening perspective to secure the future. 

Breuninger has been profitable for years both in store and online. However, the stores have been closed for almost three months now. Even the most solid company would suffering from lockdown consequences.

Federal and state government will discuss the situation on 3 March and Holger Blecker is asking for a reopening as well as a long-term strategy to deal with the pandemic, recent studies showing stores are not considered a source of infection.

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