Breuninger turns red in protest

news March 2021 Press release (German)

What: Düsseldorf flagship store lights up in red as part of the national initiative 'Life in the Centre' which is intended to draw attention to the challenging situation of the retail trade

Why it is important: since 16 December 2020, all non-essential stores are closed in Germany, including Breuninger department stores. The extensive closure puts pressure on the retailer, who calls out to the government to allow the reopening of stores

The national initiative 'Life in the Centre' gathers many large trading companies and aims at calling on politicians to offer retailers a perspective for opening up and thus not to further endanger thousands of jobs. Various studies have shown that stores are not a source of infection, and that the costly and extensive hygiene measures implemented since last year have proven they provide sufficient security for employees and customers. "We have proven in 2020 that visiting our department stores and complying with hygiene and safety rules at the same time works very well. With the joint commitment as a wake-up call to politics, we hope to be able to be stationary for our customers again soon in addition to our online shop. Pandemic control and open store doors are no contradiction. In addition to health, it is now also important to preserve the inner cities and the jobs," says Breuninger CEO Holger Blecker.

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