IADS Exclusive - At VivaTechnology 2024, AI starts to be used in concrete and exciting use cases for retailers

IADS Exclusive June 2024 Elisabetta Falco Beccalli

The IADS was thrilled to attend the 2024 Viva Technology conference last May in Paris, eagerly seeking out key trends and exciting startups that could bring value to our members. VivaTech 2024 broke new ground with record-breaking attendance of 165,000 visitors, a 10% increase over last year. The event buzzed with energy, attracting 13,500 startups from over 25 business sectors and over 2,000 investors. One hundred twenty countries were represented, solidifying VivaTech’s central position on the global tech panorama.

At VivaTech 2024, the interaction between startups and tech champions highlighted a significant trend in the tech industry. The event not only emphasised established tech companies' dominance but also showcased the boundless innovative potential of startups.  

Key themes included artificial intelligence, retail, climate technology, and mobility solutions. Despite the prominence of major corporations, the event still celebrated start-ups. VivaTech 2024 facilitated connections between startups, investors, and corporate partners, promoting an ecosystem where emerging companies could flourish alongside tech champions. This balance indicates that while tech champions are undeniably powerful, the startup dream is far from over. Startups continue to be essential drivers of innovations, especially in niche markets and emerging technology sectors. Our non-exhaustive review below highlights the most relevant retail trends we spotted this year for our members.

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