Saudi fashion in the spotlight at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

news June 2024 Fashion Network

What: Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is hosting a pop-up for two premium Saudi fashion brands, Abadia and The Dropped Collection, from May 29 to June 25.

Why it is important: This event highlights the growing influence and appeal of Saudi fashion brands in the international market, promoting sustainable fashion and cultural craftsmanship.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris is featuring two Saudi fashion brands, Abadia and The Dropped Collection, in a pop-up event as part of its "New Cool" initiative. Running from May 29 to June 25, the event aims to introduce French consumers to these brands' eco-responsible collections made from up-cycled fabrics. Both brands have previously showcased their collections at Paris Fashion Week but are now making a direct retail presence in France. Abadia, founded by Shahd AlShehail, emphasizes craftsmanship with garments featuring intricate details, while The Dropped Collection, launched by Salma Bandar, focuses on minimalist designs with a zero waste policy.

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