The Mall Group expands tourism network with 35 Partners

news June 2024 Bangkok Post

What: The Mall Group aims to channel international tourists by teaming up with a variety of actors on the market.

Why it is important: In Asia, a regional movement sees many retailers forging alliances between themselves or with partners to expand their reach.

The Mall Group has expanded its Tourism Ecosystem by partnering with key players in the tourism industry including 16 top airlines, international payment platforms like VISA, Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat Pay, and significant travel platforms such as This strategic alliance aims to attract foreign tourists during the peak travel months of June to August by offering exclusive privileges and experiences across The Mall Group’s department stores. Miss Voralak Tulaphorn, CMO of The Mall Group, highlighted that this move aligns with government policies to enhance tourism revenues and mark 2025 as a pivotal year for tourism in Thailand.

The Mall Group has collaborated previously with over 100 hotels and now extends its partnerships to include major airlines such as Air China, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates, among others. The collaboration offers holistic travel solutions enabling tourists to seamlessly book travel, accommodations, and enjoy shopping benefits. This strategy not only enhances the shopping experience but also integrates various services to offer unparalleled convenience and value to tourists.
Further support comes from partners like Thai Airways, which is expanding its routes to accommodate more tourists, and, which anticipates record bookings during this period. Additionally, Visa is enhancing the shopping experience for international tourists by providing special promotions at prominent department stores managed by The Mall Group.

This comprehensive approach aims to boost international tourism footfall in Thailand, leveraging the synergies between shopping and tourism to drive economic growth and enhance the overall visitor experience.

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