Breuninger hosts Lemon Jelly pool party pop-ups to enhance German market reach

news May 2024 Fashion Network

What: Breuninger is hosting Lemon Jelly's pool party-themed pop-ups in its Düsseldorf and Stuttgart stores, showcasing the Portuguese footwear label's SS24 collection of mules, sandals, and bags.

Why it is important: This innovative retail strategy highlights Lemon Jelly's commitment to expanding its presence in the German market, which is a top priority for the brand. The pool party concept is designed to create a memorable shopping experience, enhancing customer engagement and promoting summer-themed products. 

Lemon Jelly is launching a pool party-themed pop-up at Breuninger stores, first in Düsseldorf until June 3rd, followed by Stuttgart from June 4th to 24th. The pop-ups, designed to resemble a swimming pool with yellow and blue decor, will feature the brand's SS24 collection of mules, sandals, and bags. This retail initiative aims to create a summer atmosphere and boost Lemon Jelly's presence in the German market, aligning with the brand's international growth strategy. Additionally, the shared space with other international brands is planned to enhance Lemon Jelly's profile and reach.

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