The Mall Group Partners with Tellscore to Showcase "The Mall Life Store Bang Kapi-Bang Khae"

news May 2024 The Mall Group

What: The Mall Group has partnered with Tellscore to promote "The Mall Life Store Bang Kapi-Bang Khae," aiming to offer a comprehensive lifestyle experience that caters to the diverse needs of families in Bangkok.

Why it is important: This collaboration underscores The Mall Group's strategy to rejuvenate its shopping centers into vibrant lifestyle hubs that blend technology, nature, and community engagement. By focusing on diverse lifestyle pillars called the "7 LIFE WONDERS," the initiative seeks to attract a broad demographic, enhance customer experiences, and foster community interaction, setting a new standard in retail and entertainment spaces.

The Mall Group's alliance with Tellscore, a prominent influencer platform, aims to transform The Mall Life Store locations in Bang Kapi and Bang Khae into key lifestyle destinations. These centers will feature specialized zones for dining, fashion, entertainment, and more, each designed to provide unique and enriching experiences. The partnership plans to leverage influencers to highlight the mall's diverse offerings, enhancing visibility and attracting visitors. Additionally, upcoming events like the Thailand Influencer Awards indicate a long-term commitment to this innovative approach, promising ongoing enhancements to consumer engagement and satisfaction.

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