IADS Exclusive - What retailers can learn from Taylor Swift's success

IADS Exclusive May 2023 Christine Montard

Have you heard about Taylor Swift, a singer with a global impact? 

Last year, NYU announced a class based on her. In March and November 2023, Stanford and Harvard respectively announced they would do the same. Swift holds the record for most songs to ever chart on the US Billboard Hot 100 (188 songs), and in fall 2022 she became the first artist to own the entire Top 10 simultaneously. Finally, Taylor Swift’s 2023 “Eras Tour” is the first tour to gross $1 billion, surpassing Elton John (the previous record holder with $939 million for his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour).  

In one way or another, Taylor Swift has amazed the world with her music, persona and business skills for over a decade. Sparked by this buzz, the IADS took a look at this phenomenon to figure out how exactly this popstar branded herself and her music and how she became a master in influence. Her highly engaged community of fans is interesting to look into to understand how emotion is a key factor in enhancing loyalty.

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