IADS Exclusive - Building a corporate sustainability playbook

IADS Exclusive April 2023 Mary Jane Shea

The IADS recently attended a webinar hosted by Bain & Company covering the topic of ‘Monetizing sustainability – Navigating ESG pricing’ where the relationship between profit and sustainability was discussed. As we have covered in our previous IADS Exclusive on how retailers can turn sustainability regulations into opportunities, sustainability directives are here to stay and will only become stricter, but this should not stop retailers from finding ways to make such changes a win-win situation. In the same vein, the IADS also recently studied the key takeaways from Adam Werbach’s book ‘Strategy for Sustainability’ which explores how businesses can integrate sustainability principles into their strategies to create long-term value. Building on the principles and ideas discussed by Bain & Company and in the book by Werbach, we explore some of these ways to build a positive and profitable groundwork for retail businesses while keeping sustainability topics at the heart of the company, which in these days, is key to survival.

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