IADS Exclusive - Beyond simplification: how to digitally transform a business in 120 days

IADS Exclusive April 2023 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS attended the Global Peter Drucker Forum, an annual event organized in Vienna, Austria, last December. This event is an international management conference dedicated to the management philosophy of Peter Drucker, a management professor, writer, and consultant, often referred to as a “management guru”. The conferences held during the Forum aimed at making a reconciliation between pure research (systematically based on Peter Drucker’s findings) and practice, by having on-stage academics and executives. 

While the whole session was dedicated to exploring the notion of “creative resilience” in an age of discontinuity, two specific talks raised our attention, as they challenged some notions that are taken for granted in business : 

  • Simplify to win, 
  • Plan a transformation process, 
  • Have the appropriate individuals carry this process. 

What if the simplification process has become a poison for businesses in a world where uncertainty is everywhere and every day, at every level? What if the business transformation was not a process, but a never-ending moment, because its true nature is more psychological than measurable in actions? Finally, what if CEOs could not count on dedicated individuals to carry out a digital transformation process due to its very evanescent nature?  

While we already reviewed these notions in our 2022 White Paper, “Smarter department store organizations”, by especially wondering if the structure had always followed strategy in the past for department stores, these two conferences gave an interesting angle that comes as an ideal complement to the conclusions we made at that time.

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