IADS Exclusive - Coca-Cola's refreshing retail strategies for navigating Europe's diverse market

IADS Exclusive April 2023 Mary Jane Shea

In 2023, despite a promising start to the year, IADS members experienced a significant turning point in the retail market following the summer. This shift was further exacerbated by terrorist attacks in Israel in October 2023, leading to global economic concerns, particularly regarding inflation and growth in 2024. These apprehensions were evident during the IADS General Assembly in November, prompting IADS to invite The Coca-Cola Company to share their insights with IADS CEOs for 2024 and the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market.  

The presentation was delivered by Nikos Koumettis, President of the Europe Operating Unit at Coca-Cola, and Rami Sabanegh, Vice President of Strategy at Coca-Cola Europe. Nikos Koumettis began his career in Marketing and Sales, working for Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Elgeka and Papastratos/Phillip Morris, and joined Coca-Cola in 2001 as General Manager for Greece and Cyprus. Since then, he has built a wealth of experience in several international roles. Similarly, Rami Sabanegh has an impressive list of credentials and uses his extensive knowledge of management consulting as a member of Coca-Cola’s European leadership team, where he leads business analysis, strategy, insights and strategic transformation for 40 countries. Together, they shared their expertise on the European customer landscape, macroeconomic factors, sustainability, technological shifts and their company's extensive reach, serving 500 million customers across a wide product range.

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