IADS Exclusive - How to make impact and maintain a responsible vision in difficult times

IADS Exclusive April 2023 Christine Montard

The IADS is at a crossroads when it comes to helping its members, by addressing their most operational questions and helping them to address current and future challenges. Being sustainable is certainly a critical one and it requires means, energy and time, which is even more difficult in crisis moments. The IADS invited Andrea Baldo, CEO of the Danish responsible brand GANNI, to share his views on the best ways to make true impacts and maintain a responsible vision.

Shareholders are usually not happy to reduce profits to fund sustainable changes, customers ask for sustainable products but are not ready to pay the price for them, and businesses are not happy to see governments talking about taxing people to fund the green transition. However, Baldo argues that this is the responsibility of CEOs to address the future, even if this means making sure investors are aligned on this vision too. For him, becoming sustainable in the future is much more important than digital transformation. He explains how CEOs can fight sustainability systemic issues by taking risks, choosing realistic actions over hollow claims and always favouring adaptation and innovation.

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