Boyner İstinyePark Istanbul unveils a new concept store with "Sky Magic”

news March 2024 Boyner

What: Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık has unveiled its completely renewed store at İstinyePark Istanbul, introducing a unique shopping experience themed "Sky Magic," blending fashion, lifestyle, art, and technology.

Why it is important: This launch marks a significant step in Boyner's journey to redefine retail by transforming its stores into immersive living spaces. The event, designed by Bompas & Parr, showcased a magical environment where guests explored various unique and special experiences inspired by the sky. This initiative highlights Boyner's commitment to creating enjoyable life experiences through innovative retail concepts.

The grand reopening of Boyner İstinyePark Istanbul featured an event with the "Sky Magic" concept, drawing prominent figures from the business, fashion, and retail sectors. Guests experienced an enchanting atmosphere with sensory experiences like walking through clouds and smelling the rain. The store, redesigned by Toner Architecture, spans six thousand square meters and offers exclusive collections, artist collaborations, a nail art bar, product customization, digital experience points, and coffee areas, emphasizing Boyner's focus on delivering dynamic, engaging, and enjoyable shopping experiences.

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