IADS Exclusive: How Thailand’s Central Group fosters loyalty

IADS Exclusive March 2023 Selavane Mohands du Ménil

The International Association of Department Stores (IADS) had the opportunity to visit Thailand in 2023, providing a chance to review the myriad of innovations that are consistently emerging in this specific retail market. Thailand, particularly Bangkok with its state-of-the-art stores like The Mall Group's Emquartier, is renowned for an exceptional focus on customer service and offers valuable insights and lessons for European retailers.

In an era where customer loyalty is increasingly crucial for department stores, the approach of Central Group in Thailand stood out. They have established a business unit with its own profit and loss accountability, solely dedicated to cultivating customer loyalty. This initiative extends well beyond the confines of their own operations, presenting intriguing elements that could be of interest to external observers.

Therefore, we explore in this article Central Group's business strategies, focusing on their main flagship stores - Central @ CentralWorld and Central Chidlom. These establishments are integral parts of a larger ecosystem where loyalty is not just a concept but a tangible, profitable asset. This strategy enhances Central Group’s engagement with its customers and strengthens its relationships with brand business partners.

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