IADS Exclusive: AI Revolution in Retail

IADS Exclusive February 2023 Christine Montard

For over a year, gen AI has been on everyone’s lips. Boards are pressing their CEOs to have a strategy for incorporating AI in the business even as many executives still don’t know where to start. The IADS organised a conference with Bain & OpenAI as early as July 2023 to explore the topic. In any case, 90% of commercial leaders expect to utilize gen AI solutions “often” over the next 2 years. They are cautious though, and are most enthusiastic about use cases in the early stages of the customer journey including lead identification, marketing optimization, and personalized outreach.

This article delves into AI developments that have the potential to impact and improve retailers’ operations, in order to define a non-exhaustive list of existing use cases already implemented. In CRM and marketing, gen AI helps to better target audiences and shift towards ultra-personalization. The impact of conversation tools has already been visible in copywriting and chatbot developments as AI has been influential in boosting creativity. When it comes to sales functions, AI tools have the power to increase sales thanks to better and tailored customer experiences. In terms of supply chains, AI has not been fully developed, but there is a lot of potential. Finally, AI has already impacted HR practices.

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