El Palacio de Hierro hosts new PdPaola store, bolstering brand's expansion in Mexico

news March 2024 Modaes

What: PdPaola opens its first store in El Palacio de Hierro, expanding its presence in Mexico.

Why it is important: This launch marks a significant step in PdPaola's expansion strategy within Mexico, emphasizing the country's importance as a key market for luxury goods in Latin America. It demonstrates the brand's commitment to enhancing its retail footprint and solidifying its position in the international jewelry market.

PdPaola, in partnership with Europrisma, inaugurated a new sales space in El Palacio de Hierro Perisur, building on its initial success at its flagship store in Antara Fashion Hall. This move is part of the brand's broader strategy to strengthen its presence in Mexico, recognized as a vital market for luxury sales in Latin America. The expansion highlights PdPaola's ambition to increase its international visibility, adding to its existing network of over 30 stores across global cities such as London, Milan, and Riyadh, and within Spain. Founded in 2015 by Paola and Humbert Sasplugas, PdPaola has transitioned from a digital-first approach to establishing a significant physical retail presence, complemented by shop-in-shop points in El Corte Ingl├ęs across Spain and 2,800 multi-brand outlets worldwide. With plans for further growth in 2024, PdPaola aims to continue its retail expansion, targeting both established and new markets to bolster its global reach.


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