Manor will close two sites in Ticino in 2025

news March 2024 Zone Bourse

What: Manor, a prominent department store chain, is set to close two of its locations in Ticino by spring 2025, affecting over a hundred employees.

 Why it is important: This move highlights the ongoing shifts within the retail sector, impacting employment and the availability of local shopping options. Manor's decision to implement a social plan for affected employees underscores the challenges businesses face in balancing operational changes with social responsibility. 

In a significant development for the retail industry in Switzerland, Manor has announced plans to shut down its stores in Balerna and Sant'Antonino by spring 2025, directly impacting 55 and 49 employees, respectively. The company is initiating a consultation phase and promises to support the affected employees through a social plan, including attempts to relocate staff to other Manor locations where feasible.

 Despite these closures, Manor has clarified that this decision does not indicate a withdrawal from the Ticino region. Instead, the retailer intends to enhance its presence in other cities within Ticino such as Ascona, Bellinzona, Biasca, Locarno, Lugano, and Vezia, along with expanding its product and service offerings. Additionally, a new Manor Outlet is set to open in Grancia, signaling the company's commitment to maintaining its footprint in the region. Manor operates 59 department stores, 27 food supermarkets, and 23 restaurants across Switzerland, employing around 7,500 individuals. This move reflects the broader challenges and transformations facing the retail sector, as companies strive to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and economic pressures while ensuring support for their workforce.    

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