El Corte Inglés joins the Association for the Management of Textile and Footwear Waste

news January 2024 Euro ES Euro

What: El Corte Inglés Joins Spain's First Textile Recycling Association to Propel Sustainability Efforts. 

Why is it important: The Association for the Management of Textile Waste, Spain's first collective entity dedicated to textile recycling, has recently included El Corte Inglés, a European leader in department stores. This addition strengthens the association's capacity to tackle challenges and innovate in textile recycling. The collaboration aims to develop an efficient recycling system, contributing to the circular economy and sustainability within the Spanish textile industry. This union is part of Spain's response to the Extended Producer Responsibility, in line with the new Law 7/2022 for a circular economy, effective from 2025. The association's proactive approach aligns with the European directive and positions it as one of the largest inter-business alliances in Europe for textile waste management.

This collaboration is crucial as it represents a unified effort by major Spanish retail companies in fashion and related sectors to address environmental challenges and adhere to upcoming legal requirements for a circular economy.

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