Chalhoub Group opens new travel retail concept at King Abdulazis International Airport, Saudi Arabia

news January 2024 Chalhoub

What: The Chalhoub Group launches "The Visitor," a new travel retail concept at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Why is it important: "The Visitor" offers an innovative retail space that combines luxury and travel, aiming to enhance the shopping experience for the millions of passengers passing through the airport annually. The concept is designed to cater to the expectations of the younger generation of travellers by amplifying the travel experience and offering a curated selection of over 200 luxury brands, including fashion, beauty, fragrances, jewelry, eyewear, and electronics.

The launch aligns with the significant growth projections of the global travel retail market, indicating the potential for "The Visitor" to contribute to the expanding market in the Kingdom and beyond. The statements from Chalhoub Group's KSA Managing Director and the Vice President of Commercial at Jeddah Airport Company emphasize the commitment to excellence, dedication to customer needs, and the creation of an unmatched shopping experience for travellers.

Chalhoub Group's commitment to retail excellence and its mission to redefine the travel retail landscape in Saudi Arabia and beyond indicates the strategic importance of "The Visitor" as a flagship store. 

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