Galeries Lafayette Haussmann opens a space dedicated to sustainable and circular brands

news January 2024 Fashion Network

What: Galeries Lafayette Haussmann dedicates space to young sustainable and circular fashion brands.

Why it is important: The space reflects a broader push for more responsible fashion consumption and production.

This space, set to open on the second floor, will showcase sustainable and more responsible fashion, including upcycled gender-neutral pieces and second-hand offerings. Featured creators and brands include Marine Serre, Jeanne Friot, K√©vin Germanier, and Laani Raani, all known for their eco-friendly and innovative designs. The initiative aligns with the group's commitment to highlighting innovative collections and promoting good practices in the industry. 

The group has also launched an eco-responsible program called "Go for Good," featuring about 800 brands on its e-shop and in its network of boutiques.

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