The Mall Group rebrands 2 stores as food destinations

news November 2023 Khaosud Online

What: The Mall Group has undertaken a major rebranding and renovation of 2 malls in Bangkok to focus them as food and dining destinations.

Why it is important: Whatever is happening in experience and dining retail in Thailand should be watched carefully by other worldwide players.

The Mall Group has rebranded and renovated The Mall Bang Kapi and The Mall Bang Khae in Bangkok as "The Mall Life Store" shopping centres.
The concept is "A Happy Place To Live Life" with a focus on food and dining.  Both malls will serve as "Food Destinations", bringing together over 700 leading restaurants covering Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Western cuisines.

The Mall Bang Kapi has over 5,000 sqm dedicated to dining including famous local street food vendors, Michelin-rated chefs, and international brands. The Mall Bang Khae also has a 5,000 sqm dining hub with a mix of local favourites, Korean BBQ, Japanese cuisine, and international brands. Both malls feature pleasant outdoor garden dining areas as well as indoor dining floors.

The renovations aim to make the malls foodie paradises and lifestyle destinations for all customer demographics. The Mall Group hopes the rebranding and positioning as dining destinations will increase foot traffic by 20% at both locations.

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