The Mall Group plans to extend opening hours to promote Thailand tourism

news October 2023 Thaiger

What: The Mall Group is actively supporting tourism by adapting to visitors’ needs and modifying its store opening hours.

Why it is important: The Mall Group is currently creating a shopping entertainment hub in the heart of Bangkok which aims to be recognized as a global retail destination.

Supaluck Umpujh, the Co-chairwoman of Thailand's Mall Group, has put forth a strategy to boost Thailand’s economy by attracting more foreign tourists. 

While she commends the government's current tourism initiatives, she proposes special incentives for investments in artificial tourist attractions. Rezoning tourist attractions could increase their appeal and encourage tourist spending. Supaluck suggests that tourist hotspots like Chiang Mai and Phuket should extend their service hours, emulating popular locations like Bali. For tourists to spend more, a variety of day and night attractions with educational and experiential value is essential. 

She envisions Thailand as an international tourism and entertainment hub. To attract more tourists, Supaluck proposes free visas for more countries and organizing signature festivals. She also mentions reducing import taxes on luxury items, similar to neighboring countries, to support Thailand's tax-free businesses. 

Her company is partnering with companies from countries including Japan and South Korea to attract more tourists to Thailand.

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