IADS Exclusive - Siman, ready for expansion

IADS Exclusive October 2023 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

Following the IADS CEO meeting in Mexico City last May, where IADS members were able to visit the latest developments in El Palacio de Hierro’s flagships, the IADS had the opportunity to travel to Salvador to discover the Almacenes Siman stores. The purpose was to discover the market, know more about the company and meet with the leading team.

Siman is a 102-year-old company, operating in 4 countries with 15 stores, in addition to an e-commerce channel. It is almost fully covering the Chortis Block, the continental fragment where Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala are located (even though the company does not operate in Honduras but in Costa Rica instead).

Through an astute mix of clever business steering, opportunistic alliances and smart investments, the company managed to become the largest department store company in Central America throughout its history. As Siman is currently involved in a strategic business transformation in order to address the 21st-century challenges in the best position possible, the timing was perfect to discover this company which has become with time a driving force in the region and intends to stay the same in the coming years.

We review our store visit below to better understand this retail giant which is quietly growing on highly dynamic albeit not on the world map markets.

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