El Corte Inglés appeals to Gen Z in its latest campaign

news October 2023 Fashion Network

What: El Corte Inglés has launched a campaign called "Welcome to the New Era" to connect with the younger generation. 

Why it is important: The campaign aims to unite fashion, beauty, technology, and food, positioning El Corte Inglés as the go-to destination for Generation Z. 

The new campaign features singers Ana Mena and Judeline, as well as actors Óscar Casas, Nicole Wallace, and Álvaro Mel. It showcases both El Corte Inglés' own brands for the youth segment and external brands like Converse, Lacoste, Levi's, and Dr. Martens. “Welcome to the New Era” was presented in Madrid and highlights the department store group's understanding of the new codes and languages that Generation Z lives by.

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