Manor launches fashion capsule collection with Round Rivers

news October 2023 Press Release

What: Manor has partnered with Zurich-based design brand Round Rivers to launch an exclusive sustainable fashion capsule collection.

Why it is important: The collaboration aims to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry and raise awareness about upcycling.

The unisex collection, limited to 1,050 items, is made from PET bottles retrieved from the Swiss Limmat river and transformed into recycled swimwear and winter jackets. The collection, which emphasizes sustainability and style, will be available in 15 Manor stores and online from October 30, 2023. Round Rivers' approach not only cleans Swiss waters but also ensures a transparent value creation chain.

Furthermore, Round Rivers' method has a negative carbon footprint. Without their intervention, river waste would be incinerated, turning into CO2. However, due to their short transport distances and sustainable production, the startup emits less CO2 than what would be produced by incineration. Since 2019, Round Rivers has retrieved over 50,000 PET bottles, with 12,950 of them now transformed into reversible unisex winter jackets for the exclusive Manor collaboration.

Manor places a high emphasis on sustainability, evident in their growing range of sustainable products and their commitment to environmental and societal causes. Their sustainability standard in fashion is notably high, with a product only labeled as sustainable if it contains at least 70% sustainable materials. Customers can easily identify Manor's sustainable products through the "REThink Everyday" label.

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