Galeries Lafayette celebrates 90 years of Air France in its windows

news October 2023 Air France

What: Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is exhibiting five iconic dresses in its windows on behalf of the 90th anniversary of Air France as well as highlighting the airline's legendary planes, comfort, uniforms, gastronomy, and design. 

Why it is important: The exhibition highlights its rich history and offerings and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with Air France's legacy and experience.

Each dress in the windows, created by Xavier Ronze, represents different aspects of the airline, such as planes and technology, uniforms and fashion, posters, gastronomy, and design and architecture. The dresses are made from elements of Air France's heritage and current pieces, creating a connection between history and modernity.

Inside Galeries Lafayette, pop-up stores will be open, offering specially created or reissued objects to commemorate the anniversary.

The collection will be displayed from September 28th to October 10th. 

To reach a wider audience, Air France has created an immersive website in French and English, where visitors can explore the history of Air France and its assets over time. Additionally, Air France has released an anniversary film showcasing the collection, featuring models wearing the dresses in various locations, including the airline's industrial hangars and aircraft which will be broadcast at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, airport lounges, and onboard Air France planes. 

EnVols, a media outlet, will also release a supplement dedicated to Air France's 90th anniversary, offering readers insights into the airline's history, the dresses, and interviews with notable individuals involved in Air France's offerings.

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