IADS Exclusive: Perspectives from the 2023 GDI conference

IADS Exclusive September 2023 Christine Montard

The IADS attended the GDI 73rd International Retail Summit held in early September 2023 in Zurich. Lecturers discussed the decisions retailers should make in uncertain times when costs rise and margins shrink. Money is now becoming scarce, the pandemic destroyed supply chains, and the war in Ukraine is causing energy shortages and high inflation. Consumers are becoming more price-sensitive. And while some companies are downsizing their workforce, others are desperately looking for employees.

What should retailers do when costs rise and margins shrink? Streamline offerings, robotise services, stop sustainability initiatives? Optimise the present now – or invest in the future? What to do? And even more importantly, what not to do?

"More focus!" is the magic formula according to GDI. For retailers, this means setting bold priorities, implementing rigorous decisions and taking responsibility: not just for the shelves, but also for the people – customers and employees – to build trust. The IDAS put together a sum up of the conference lectures and talks.

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