El Palacio de Hierro celebrates the 60th anniversary of its Palacio Card

news September 2023 Milenio

What: El Palacio de Hierro commemorated the 60th anniversary of its Palacio Card with a celebration full of luxury and elegance and a special edition of the card.

Why it is important: El Palacio de Hierro was the first luxury department store to implement credit cards in Mexico and aims to honour its long-standing relationship with its card holders.

Exclusive benefits were planned for Palacio cardholders, including the opportunity to acquire the limited edition card, designed by Mexican sculptor Sebastian, and participate in giveaways. Also, new benefits introduced include an exclusive concierge service, a baggage insurance, free wine on the customer's birthday month, annual refunds up to 3%, free shipping on their website, and discounts.

The company is also introducing the Palacio app in which customers can make purchases at El Palacio de Hierro, access their financial information, consult balances, movements, account statements, and make payments on their Palacio Card.

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