Boyner Dynamic Fest to take place on September 23-24

news September 2023 Press Release

What: Boyner Dynamic Fest to be hosted on September 23-24.

Why: Boyner Dynamic Fest reflects Boyner's commitment to experience retailing, promoting an active lifestyle beyond just shopping.

Stemming from their experience-focused retail transformation, they introduced Boyner Dynamic stores, which prioritize sports and experiential shopping. This concept inspired the formation of the Boyner Dynamic Team, a running group that now boasts over 100 members actively participating in marathons. The festival not only showcases Boyner's strong position in the sports and outdoor retail category but also their passion for integrating shopping with a dynamic way of life. With the Boyner Dynamic Fest, they aim to inspire everyone to embrace movement and lead an active life, extending their motivation beyond the confines of their stores.

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