Magasin du Nord implements a new OMS

news September 2023 Press Release

What: Magasin du Nord has implemented a new OMS

Why it is important: Omnichannel capabilities and POS efficiency are commanded by such a backbone.

Tecsys Inc., a top-tier supply chain management and omnichannel commerce software provider, has collaborated with Denmark's historic department store chain, Magasin du Nord, to modernize its multi-channel shopping experience. Utilizing Tecsys' Omno OMS software, Magasin du Nord integrates traditional retail and digital platforms, enhancing back-end fulfillment operations. The partnership empowers the 150-year-old brand to offer seamless channel transitions for its customers and efficient order processing.

The platform's features include adaptable sales channel integration, intelligent order routing based on inventory and product categories, strategic and cost-effective routing to minimize shipments, and real-time inventory management.

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