IADS Exclusive: How retailers can turn sustainability regulations into opportunities

IADS Exclusive September 2023 Mary jane Shea

Europe is on a mission to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, but this is not a small feat. To achieve such a status, the EU is having to crack down on the way businesses are run and how people conduct their everyday lives in Europe. As a way to reduce the environmental impact caused by retailers, the European Union has started to define and impose new regulations that retailers must comply with. These directives are coming in waves and impacting certain players differently than others, thus raising questions and needing clarification.

There are many of these sustainability regulations already in effect, but they are continuing to develop and become more stringent as the EU strives to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, especially as it seeks to lead the world on the road to a more sustainable future. The IADS pulled together the opportunitites around these regulations that businesses can adhere to their advantage.

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