Manor details its priorities for the future

news August 2023 Press Release

What: Manor is laying the groundwork for its future strength with the aim of strengthening its attractiveness and differentiation.

Why it is important: Six months after his arrival as CEO of Manor, Roland Armbruster details its strategy for the department store which will go through the strengthening of the leadership in cosmetics & beauty, the modernisation of women’s and men’s fashion and the strengthening of homemade and local offerings at Manor Food. Digitalization will also be a key element, particularly at the company's headquarters with simpler, more agile and more efficient processes and organization. The goal is to consolidate our leading position in omnichannel retailing in Switzerland. 

Manor's leading position in the cosmetics & beauty market will be continuously reinforced by new, trendy, innovative and sustainable brands (Green Beauty). In the women's and men's fashion departments, Manor will rethink its customer experience, renovating more than 20,000 square meters in its 12 main stores. Manor Food’s range of homemade products will be further expanded, as will "local" sourcing, based on ever-closer partnerships with producers in regions that already supply more than 5,000 products.

Manor wants to increase the attractiveness of its online channels. By the end of the year, customers will be able to benefit from a brand-new version of the mobile app offering simplified and intuitive access associated with a more attractive assortment.

Finally, to gain agility and focus on the future, the company will carry out reorganizations at the head office which will be implemented gradually until the end of 2024, based on natural turnover and early retirements as well as the elimination of 80 jobs in central services. Alternative solutions will be sought after for these, whether within Manor or outside the company.

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