Breuninger invests in the development of a retail media network in the premium and luxury sector

news August 2023 Breuninger Press

What: Breuninger advances its strategic marketing by expanding its retail media network into the premium and luxury sector.

Why it is important: This initiative makes Breuninger an appealing partner for companies that are looking to increase their market position in the premium and luxury sector using digital platforms.

Breuninger created the “Retail Media & Brand Cooperations” division last year to promote brand relationships and acts as an internal media agency. The company chose to partner with Microsoft Retail Media to give brand partners access to a new line of marketing products.

The company currently has a large reach of customers with over 200 million website visits and target groups in German-speaking countries of premium and luxury customers.

The goal is to connect brand partners to their target groups along the entire customer journey through visibility, branding measures, and campaigns along with personalised experiences.

From September, Breuninger will also be launching Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) and in 2024, new on-site formats that can be personalised.

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