El Cortes Inglés increase its workforce by 3.7% in 2022, to more than 81,000 people

news July 2023 Fashion Network

What: El Corte Inglés increases its workforce to have a total of 81,434 workers distributed among all the companies in the group.

Why it is important: The company is expanding and relays its staff figures.

The increase of about 3,000 employees came in part from the company’s acquisition of Logitravel.

The chairwoman, Marta Alavrez, shared that the average number of group employees stood at 71,426 people in 2022 not including the insurance group staff and that most of El Cortes Inglés’ employees have permanent contracts (96.7%).

The workforce was made up of 50,674 women and 30,760 men, while its employees with disabilities greater than or equal to 33% amounted to 1,600 workers.

El Cortes Ingles has allocated EUR 30 million, in agreement with unions, for a plan to reorganize their staff in the central and regional administrative services that will affect 2,100 people, including 630 over 59 years old. 

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