The Mall Group’s Supaluck Umpujh named the most successful businesswoman in the Thai retail sector

news July 2023 CNN Indonesia

What: Chairwoman of The Mall Group, Supaluck Umpujh, reported to be worth IDR 30 trillion and her path to success.

Why it is important: The success of Chairwoman Umpujh is a result of her reliant work with The Mall Group for 3 decades.

Forbes reported the wealth of Supaluck Umpujh to be at USD 2 billion or IDR 30 trillion making her the 15th richest person in Thailand and the most successful woman in Thai retail.

Umpajh had studied pharmacy in university and continued to further her studies in the field. She moved back to Thailand from the US at the age of 39 in the early 80s to take care of the family business.

After some primary misfortunes, she was entrusted to being the boss of The Mall Group and under her leadership, the company successfully opened a wide network of retail businesses and grew into what it is today.

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