El Palacio de Hierro inaugurates Barbie Selfie Experience

news July 2023 Revista Fortuna

What: El Palace de Hierro along with Mattel created an interactive Barbie Selfie Experience in the department store.

Why it is important: The experience will allow visitors of the department store to transport themselves into BarbieLand as the Barbie film promotions are underway. El Palacio de Hierro already had a very successful first Selfie Experience last year.

El Palacio de Hierro, in collaboration with the Mattel brand, is debuting a tour experience in Palanco where fans can be transported into BarbieLand. The Barbie Selfie Experience will run from July 13 to August 15. This 20-minute tour will feature characters from the Barbie film as well as 10 different thematic spots where fans can take pictures such as the Barbie box, the presidential room, and the Malibu pink Barbie car. Fans will be able to purchase dolls and accessories from different Mattel collections at the end of the tour.

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