New Breuninger flagship store opens in Munich

news July 2023 Breuninger

What: More than 12,500 square meters of retail space are being redesigned in the new Breuninger flagship store in Munich. 

Why it is important: The department store has been remodeled to provide customers with a new shopping experience that is full of inspiring product worlds, hip brands, and innovative concepts. 

The extensive renovation work, which is worth tens of millions of dollars, is entering its final phase and the final completion of all floors is set to take place in the fall. 

The company offers one of the largest women’s shoe departments in the upscale and high fashion segment in southern Germany with around 1,000 square meters of space. 

Breuninger has collaborated with various institutions in Munich as it takes root in the Bavarian capital and with the new building, the company is creating around 100 new jobs.

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