El Palacio de Hierro’s newest store in Coyoacan

news July 2023 VMSD

What: El Palacio de Hierro has been featured in an article that celebrates its Coyoacan store opening.

Why it is important: El Palacio de Hierro has chosen Coyoacán for its newest store location. The 410,000-square-foot space, designed in partnership with TPG Architecture (New York), is the second largest in the retailer’s portfolio.

The Palacio ethos is to create stores that are spiritually and emotionally owned by the community. Each store is a tool of communication, speaking directly to the people it serves. there are 38 individual departments, all share a common Palacio sensibility. 

The article states, “Palacio Coyoacán is more than a store. It’s a destination for families and friends, designed to be an integral part of the community, and a reflection of its rich culture and storied history.”

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