Looking at the new Annecy store

news June 2023 Monocle

What: Monocle reviews the renovation of the Annecy Nouvelle Galeries mall made by Citynove, the real estate arm of Galeries Lafayette

Why it is important: Stores need to be more than stores to attract attention and inspire customers

Nouvelles Galeries, a 1960s spaceship-like building in Annecy, France, has been revamped to better serve the increasingly pedestrian-friendly city. 

French architect Manuelle Gautrand, commissioned by Citynove, undertook a 10-year renovation, adding a curving indoor promenade lined with 40 new shops beneath the existing parking area without altering the building's original structure. Six circular "satellites" were also added to blend with the existing structure and extend the building's reach to the footpath and city beyond. 

To make the building more attractive, Danish architect David Thulstrup revamped the interiors with bespoke lighting and color-coded wayfinding. The renovation also aimed to attract diverse tenants, transforming Nouvelles Galeries from just a retail destination to a mixed-use space.

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