IADS Exclusive: Ahlens, the Nordic disruptor?

IADS Exclusive June 2023 Selvane Mohandas du Ménil

The IADS travelled to Sweden last April to meet with the new CEO and owner, Mr Ayad al-Saffar, almost a year after his inception at Åhléns. The purpose was to discuss and understand his plans and vision for the century-old department store company. 

After a first year spent reviewing the fundamentals of the company, Mr Al-Saffar started to operate significant and structural changes to the business model, and they might very well be a game-changer in this part of the world. Rather surprisingly given the fact that Åhléns already operates 47 stores in a country with 10.42m inhabitants and ranked second in Europe in terms of retail density (after Monaco), he also detailed his plans to open more stores in second and third-tier cities, thanks to his new approach to business.

We review our store visit below to understand to what extent Åhléns will revolutionize the Nordic market with its new approach

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