How Annecy’s “Nouvelles Galeries” emerged around Galeries Lafayette

news June 2023 Fashion Network

What: Citynove, Galeries Lafayette group’s property company, has revived the name “Nouvelles Galeries” for its new retail complex in Annecy. 

Why it is important: The project demonstrates the strength of Galeries Lafayette’s brand and positioning within its communities and France. 

Citynove has revived Galeries Lafayette’s former name, Nouvelles Galeries, for its retail complex as Annecy residents continued to refer to the department store as the latter despite the name change. 

Construction on the new retail complex was completed in May 2022 and included the renovation of Galeries Lafayette as well as the addition of 30 new stores with a focus on local merchants. 

The department store underwent a complete renovation, adding 9,000 square meters to the modernized space which features a slide and arcade terminals.

Since opening in June 2022, the store has seen an increase in younger clientele. In 2023, sales could exceed 2019 levels with 15% being generated by foreign customers among the two million annual visitors. 

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