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IADS Press Release: Boyner Group joins the IADS

press June 2023 Press release

Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık, part of the Boyner Group, a leading department store and fashion retail group in Turkey, joins the International Association of Department Stores.

One of Turkey's most important retail companies, Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık, specialized in lifestyle, experience, and customer satisfaction, joins IADS’ network of leading global department stores. The membership will be formalized during the upcoming 64th General Assembly of the Association, which will be held in Istanbul on November 8th, 2023.

For more than 40 years, Boyner Department Stores (Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık) has been serving Turkish customers as a pioneer of innovative retailing. As a leading brand in Turkey, Boyner carries the mission of being a model for the sector by presenting a wide variety of products, while always keeping quality, trust and customer satisfaction at the heart of their business.

With the title of Turkey's first major department store, Boyner operates six different store concepts: Boyner Zone, Boyner Dynamic, Boyner Active, Boyner Outlet, StarBrand and Lifestyle Multibrand Store. The app Boyner Now and the website stand out as alternative sales channels. Boyner serves its customers with more than 600 Turkish and international brands presented in 101 stores located in 39 provinces in Turkey, with a total sales area of approximately 300,000 sqm, which is completed by a strong e-commerce offering.

As customers are increasingly interested in special and personalised offers, they expect brands to take on the role of an assistant who knows their particular tastes. For this reason, Boyner positions itself as a lifestyle shopping destination, and the stores are designed as places of experience where everyone can spend time and express themselves easily.

There, customers can find a wide product selection, made of both local and international brands, in different categories such as sportswear, men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags, children's, accessories, cosmetics, and home decoration products, completed by Boyner’s own private labels. In addition, the Boyner Home line offers customers kitchenware, bathroom products, home textiles, electrical appliances, and home accessories.

In terms of shopping convenience, Boyner was the first Turkish retailer to offer 24/7 customer support services and a loyalty programme in the country, but they went even further with the Boyner Now application, considered a trailblazer when it was released in 2022. With Boyner Now, products are delivered to any location in Turkey within 90 minutes, and orders made through the app allow customers to shop without paying for items until they are delivered to their door. This unique feature gives customers the option to try different-sized options when receiving products and being able to return unwanted items on the spot without hassle.

Mr Holger Blecker, CEO of Breuninger (Germany) and president of the IADS, who supervised the conversations with Boyner, said: “I am delighted to welcome Boyner as part of IADS. Boyner will perfectly complement the group comprised of the world's leading department stores. Together, we will continue to strive towards innovation, collaboration, excellence and customer centricity in the retail industry and help shape the future of department stores worldwide. As partners and members of IADS, we aspire to achieve the same goals across many areas of our industry.”.

Ms Kamshim Lau, Executive Director of Lifestyle International (Hong Kong SAR) and vice-president of the IADS, said: “I congratulate and extend a warm welcome to the Boyner Group on joining the IADS. In IADS, we believe collaboration and engagement are key to succeeding in the retail industry. With Boyner joining the IADS, we bring together some of the most innovative and influential department stores from across the world, creating a powerful network that fosters creativity, promotes best practices and drives growth across the industry”.

Mr Eren Camurdan, CEO of Boyner, said: “Boyner is an experienced retailing brand positioned as a lifestyle shopping destination that offers more than 600 brands from both Turkey and the world. Our pioneering merchandising approach integrates sustainability, art, fashion and technology into our fluid merchandising approach, which makes us very proud.

By combining our experience with a very strong dynamism, we love to try the untried. For example, we offer a world-first service by combining both our online and offline sales channels with the Boyner Now application. We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide a better experience for our customers by following the latest developments.

This is powered by a top-of-class technological infrastructure that allows us to follow customer insights with data analytics. Since the day we were founded, we have always focused on our efforts for unconditional customer happiness. We are proud and happy to take our place here as the only Turkish member of the International Association of Department Stores Association (IADS), the only expert body in the world of department stores.”

By joining the Association, Boyner will contribute to the fruitful exchanges taking place between leading department stores in the world within the framework offered by IADS, where members come together to bring strategic and concrete answers to questions ranging from logistics to e-commerce profitability, omnichannel excellence, private label profitability, relationships with international brands and the evolution of customer expectations.

About Boyner Buyük Magazacilik

Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık, which has been the pioneer of innovations in Turkey for more than 40 years with its global merchandising approach, sets an example in the sector by combining its product variety with the understanding of quality, trust and customer happiness.

Today, Boyner offers products of both local and global brands in different categories such as sportswear, men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags, children's accessories, cosmetics and home decoration products, with its 101 stores in 39 provinces of Turkey, completed by e-commerce capabilities and Boyner Now, which delivers online shopping in 90 minutes.

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