IADS Exclusive: AI and fusion centres power up retail cybersecurity teams

IADS Exclusive June 2023 Mary Jane Shea

The IADS joined cybersecurity professionals from various retail businesses at the RH-ISAC conference hosted by Nestlé in Barcelona in April ‘23. RH-ISAC provides a trusted forum for its members in the retail, hospitality, and related industries to share cybersecurity threat intelligence, best practices, and mitigation strategies. IADS attended on behalf of its members in order to get a better understanding of what is happening in the space.

The two-day workshop was an occasion for industry leaders to share the latest information and challenges around the cybersecurity landscape. Retail experts discussed the latest cybersecurity trends and threats especially in regard to advancements in ChatGPT, AI, Machine Learning, as well as the importance of implementing fusion centres.

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