El Corte Inglés in Murcia incorporates a video-interpreting service for deaf customers

news June 2023 Press Release

What: El Corte Inglés has incorporated the SVisual sign language video interpretation service in its shopping centers in Murcia. 

Why it is important: The service makes shopping more accessible and provides a better experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers as they can communicate with sign language interpreters in real-time throughout the store. 

SVisual allows communication between deaf and hearing people in real-time through a video interpreter. The service also allows written communication via chat between the two parties. 

The service will be available in all departments during all hours for any customer who requests it. 

The project has been launched thanks to the close collaboration and advice of the CNSE Foundation for the Elimination of Communication Barriers, which has provided technical advice and training to the sales staff and the collaboration of the Federation of Deaf People of the Region of Murica. 

The implementation of SVisual follows other steps El Corte Inglés has taken to provide accessibility services such as customer service telephone lines for disabled customers. 

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